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Our customers are more than just clients to us, we consider them as our partners and we take genuine interest in the growth of their business by learning about their business, their customers and most importantly what is important to their customers.

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Press Release

Local partnerships create industry Web-based solutions
By Tamara Kuhn , Special to The Tribune

Saltech Systems is located at 137 Lynn Ave, Suite 200 in Ames, IA. Salman Maqsood can be reached at salman@saltechsystems.com or at (515) 598-4347.

The first thing you notice about Saltech Systems is its Web sites. They are unusually attractive and they work.

Saltech Systems, at www.SaltechSystems.com, is an innovative Web design and development company located in Ames. Since 2003, it has been committed to creating beautifully designed yet affordable Web sites.

"My goal is to provide excellent quality and top-notch customer care," says Salman Maqsood, president of the company. "What people want is someone who can be there when they need help."

Maqsood's wife, Madiha Rana, started the company while Salman was taking classes at Iowa State University. Three years ago, when their son Humza was born, Salman joined his wife and began managing the business. The company employs six people, including Madiha, who still works part-time.

"The industry is moving more to service-based content management solutions, and that's what we provide with an added value. We make sure your Web site has a unique look that fits your business," Salman says. While his company can design custom Web sites, he says most businesses can benefit from one of the following kinds of Web sites he calls "solutions":

* Content Management Solutions (www.pammelgroceryames.com). Starts at $29.95 per month.

* E-Commerce Solutions (www.listassociates.net). Starts at $29.95 per month.

* Real Estate Solutions (www.jdr-group.com). Starts at $49.95 per month.

* Custom Solutions (www.themaxline.com). "The cost for Web site development for one of these options starts at around $1,000 for a custom look plus $30 to $50 per month for hosting or more depending upon the number of pages," Maqsood said.

"For one low cost, we can create a professional corporate identity including logo design, corporate ad identity, marketing brochures and booklets, even yellow page ads and posters," said Salman.

Local Partnerships
Through partnerships with area businesses, Saltech also develops custom software geared toward specific industries including real estate, dance studios and nursing homes.

"Whatever someone's business process, we will help make the technology do that job for them, fast and economical," said Maqsood. "We can create shopping carts for them on their Web site so they can sell online as well as at a location, using the same solution without having to purchase a credit card terminal. This allows them to generate reports in an instant, saving considerable time and money."

Real Estate Systems is one of Saltech's specialty areas, and Maqsood says the company can also provide realtors with Virtual Video Tours per listing.

Saltech Systems also designed the administrative side of the Robert Thomas Dancecenter Web site, allowing the company to manage six dance studios spread across different locations.

"It allows them to manage employees, instructors, students, classes, e-mails, post charges to accounts, process credit card and bank payments and create all the related reports," said Maqsood.

Saltech Systems has developed a nursing home management solution that helps owners and administrators track and manage occupancy, staffing, nursing, daily maintenance and inventory activities.

"It also allows direct ordering from the vendors from within the solution giving ease of operation and savings," said Maqsood. "The owners and operators get real time reports ,so they know what is going on in the business on a daily basis. This gives them a huge advantage over competitors who are waiting on end-of-the-month reports," said Maqsood.

Other custom programs the company has developed include a palm-based basketball program that allows coaches to record stats during the game, according to Maqsood. "Coaches love it."

"My dream is to grow the company to a level where we want to be the best in the industry," said Maqsood. Saltech provides both the technology that powers the sites combined with a customized graphic look that, as their slogan says, "Makes Your Business Bloom."